CamScanner for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac – Free Download

camscanner-pc-windows-7-8-10-mac-free-downloadIf you don’t have access to a scanner, the CamScanner app is a very convenient and handy tool to have. It is even more convenient to have the CamScanner app on your PC, Windows or Mac. The app uses your phone or tablet to take a digital, high-resolution image of a physical document.

It is one of the best image scanning apps out there with cool features.

CamScanner Features

• Enhanced editing tools allowing watermarks, hand-written notes to be added. They also feature auto-enhancement and smart cropping.
• Quick image creation and digitization.
• Smart text detection thanks to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows easy detection of texts within documents and even photos.
• Intelligent document edge detection.
• There is also an offline option for CamScanner for PC.
• The optical reader that can enhance a text.
• Conversion of the captured images to JPEG or PDF.
• Create password-protected documents.
• It allows easy sharing of the created files easily on social media or store in your Google Drive or DropBox.
• Registered users can view and edit documents on the go.
• Registered users also have access to Quick Search which can find your document easily and even scan through text contained in documents or even pictures thanks to OCR features.
• CamScanner allows remote printing of documents at a printer close by or fax a scanned document to over 30+ countries.

What makes it even better? It’s FREE to download (though a premium subscription is also available).

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CamScanner is technically not supported on PCs and Macs but don’t let this put you off!

There is software available such as Nox or BlueStacks that can allow you to have CamScanner on PC, Mac or Windows.

Downloading the BlueStacks software

BlueStacks emulator is a software that allows users access to Android apps on their PCs and Macs. It simulates the Android software on your PCs or Macs and allowing you to access the Google Play store and downloading Android Apps. With BlueStacks you can play heavy Android games with a bigger screen and without the need for expensive, high-end phones. It is one of the more reliable Android emulators that don’t come bundled with malware or hidden cryptocurrency miners.

Hence the first step to getting CamScanner on PC, Windows, or Macs is to download BlueStacks first. It is FREE to download as well.


• Download the BlueStacks emulator from here.
• Open the .exe file and install the software.
• When the installation is complete, you can sign in via your Google account.

Downloading CamScanner on Mac, Windows, and PC

• After setting up BlueStacks on Mac or PC, open Google Play Store (search in My Apps on the BlueStacks home screen).
• Search for the CamScanner app in the Google Play Store. It will show up as CamScanner- Phone PDF Creator.
• Click on Install and in a few minutes, you will have the CamScanner app on your PC or Mac.

Some of the riskiest things in life involve losing an important document, not having one on hand when you need it, or having to carry around bulky folders and documents with you.

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By downloading CamScanner on to your Mac or PC, you will not need to worry about any of these. Simply take a picture of the document and store it in your Google Drive or DropBox.

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