Download WiFi WPS WPA Tester on PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac)

download-wifi-wps-wpa-tester-pc-windows-7-8-10-macWPS WPA Tester is a powerful application for android that lets you connect to almost any router within your reach that has the WPS protocol enabled. It just so happens that a great majority of the routers people have in their homes fall into this category. So in a way, the application can be used to access the Wi-Fi connection of your neighbors.

But what’s even more important is that the app is designed to allow you to analyze your own router, checking it out for vulnerabilities and attacks. With the information you get, it becomes easy for you to strengthen your network and protect yourself from possible WPS attacks. You want to be sure that nobody can hack into your Wi-Fi connection, where the damage caused stretches far beyond sharing your Wi-Fi connection with an unknown stranger or neighbor.

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For what’s worth, once someone succeeds in hacking your Wi-Fi connection, there’s a fair chance they may also decide to access your computer remotely and cause some serious damages.

It’s for this reason and so much more than anyone would want to install a WPS WPA tester app. And even though the app has been tested and found to work with all the major Android devices including the Galaxy series, Nexus, and any other device running on Android 5.1 and beyond; that doesn’t necessarily imply that you still can’t install it on your Windows or Mac PC.

Installing WPS WPA Tester in Windows PC Using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is simply an android simulator application that lets you run android apps directly on your PC just like you would in you’re in your Android smartphone. All you have to do is download and install the software and then proceed to Google store where you’ll be downloading the android apps to install.

Nothing changes when it comes to installing the WPS WPA Tester on your PC.

Step 1: Install BlueStacks

To begin, head to Bluestacks official website and download the application. Here’s the link

Once done, the next thing you do is run the installer to complete the installation process. Now go ahead and launch the BlueStacks application on your PC and that’s pretty it.

Step 2: Install Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester App

By installing BlueStacks, you now have an android simulator on your PC. Which is to say, you’re allowed to install virtually any android app on your PC, Wi-Fi WPA Tester included.

After opening the application on your PC, the first thing you do is log in to your Google store account.


Once done, you can go ahead and search for the WPS WPA Tester app, after which you can proceed to install it just like you would in your android smartphone. At this point, you’re free to start the Wi-Fi WPS WPA tester and use it any way you see fit.

Installing Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester on Mac

The process for installing a Wi-Fi WPA Tester on Mac isn’t much different from the one in installing pretty much the same on Windows. Which is to say, you have to begin by visiting the official BlueStacks website to download BlueStacks, we have mentioned the link above.

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Read this bearing in mind that the BlueStacks provided on the site can run on both Windows and Mac. So go ahead and install it, after which all you’ll be required to do is log in to Google store and search for Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester. The next thing you do is install and run it afterward. Ta-da! The Wi-Fi WPS WPA tester is now fully installed and ready for use.

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