Wi-Fi Display (Miracast) for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

wi-fi-display-miracast-pc-windows-macMobile applications are constantly developing to allow higher capabilities and application avenues. it is often that we find ourselves in need of these applications on our computers. For instance, the Wi-Fi Display Miracast application is a powerful application but can only be run an Android device. With the evolution of technology, this constraint should no longer stop you from having the application on your PC.

How to install Wi-Fi Display (Miracast) on your PC or Mac

You can simply install the Wi-Fi Display (Miracast) for Windows or Mac by following this simple procedure. To have the application run on your PC, you first have to have an Android emulator. This application creates a virtual Android environment on your computer. The best and most reliable is the BlueStacks application. It is available for free on its website. Depending on whichever platform you are using, you can download the application for Windows or MAC.


Once installed, download the Wi-Fi Display (Miracast) APK file online from any of the APK download sites including CNET and APKMONK. The successful download of the Wi-Fi Display (Miracast) app will show association to the BlueStacks application. You can install it onto BlueStacks by simply double-clicking on the apk file. Once installed correctly, the application is available for use from the BlueStacks application drawer. From here, you can see and launch any of the applications installed on BlueStacks.

About BlueStacks Software

The BlueStacks emulator is a stable software running on either Windows or Mac. Running Android applications on BlueStacks gives the user access to the application’s features.

Most applications may have very powerful capabilities that may never be available for use on computers. So, why wait for the PC version of the apps to be developed while you can simply run the applications directly on your computer. If the above process is followed correctly, you will have no trouble using your APKS on your computer.

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How to download LAZY IPTV for PC – Windows & Mac

download-lazy-iptv-pc-windows-macHave you ever wondered how to watch your favourite TV shows online, at any time? We might just have the right answer for you. The LAZY IPTV application allows you to view TV technology-based IPTV. It is a client that allows you to watch TV on your mobile device.

However, what happens if you’d like to be able to watch TV online on your computer? There is actually a way to do that.

The LAZY IPTV application indeed provides great features and benefits, such as:

  • Watching TV live anywhere at any time
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • No sign-up is required

In order to run the LAZY IPTV app on your computer you need to install an Android emulator first (BlueStacks). Here are the specific guidelines, depending on the operating system you’re using:

Steps for installing LAZY IPTV for Windows

1. Download and install BlueStacks 3. Download Link.

2. Setup and open BlueStacks 3.

3. Click on My Apps > System Apps > Google Play Store (please make sure you’re logged in to your Google account).


4. Go to play.google.com (Google Play store) and search for “Lazy IPTV”. When you find the app, click “Install” and follow the instructions.

5. After the installation is complete, the application can be found in BlueStacks 3 > My Apps. Launch it and follow the instructions in order to play it.

Steps for installing LAZY IPTV for Mac

1. Download and install BlueStacks.

2. Setup and open BlueStacks.

3. Click on the Search icon and type “Lazy IPTV”.

4. Click on the Search using Google Play. When
you find the game, click “Install” and follow the instructions.

5. After the installation you should be able to see the app in BlueStacks > All Apps.

6. Launch the game and follow the instructions in order to play it.

Please note that LAZY IPTV supports M3U and XSPF formats. You can also use UDP streams, internet radio and EPG support.

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vMEyeCloud for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac

vmeyecloud-pc-windows-7-8-10-mac-free-downloadThinking about downloading the vMEyeCloud app, here are steps to download the vMEyeCloud app using the BlueStacks Emulator.

Step 1 – Install the BlueStacks App Player program

In order to install and run the vMEyeCloud for PC application, we need to have the BlueStacks App Player in our computer system which enables us to use the android apps in full screen using a web browser. We can download the App Player from their website itself i.e. https://www.bluestacks.com and click on the download link there.

Step 2 – Complete the installation process

Once the installer has finished downloading, open it and click on run to complete the installation process. BlueStacks App Player will start extracting. Once the extraction is complete, a window will pop up with two options ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, asking us if we want the BlueStacks app to make changes to our device. Select ‘Yes’ and another window will appear welcoming us to BlueStacks where we need to press the ‘Next’ button to accept the terms in the license of agreement.

Once we have accepted, we can choose where we want to save the file and have to press the ‘Next’ button on the screen. We need to press on the install button with the message on the screen that BlueStacks runs best with app store access and application communications. BlueStacks installation starts and the app icon starts to appear on the desktop. Once the installation is complete press on the ‘Finish’ button.

Step 3 – Log into BlueStacks using your Google account

After the installation is done, a window appears on the screen with various options like ‘Join the BlueStacks Community’, ‘Chat and play with friends’ etc. There is a sign in with Google option below. Next, we need to sign in using our Google account. Once we log into our Google account , Google verifies our email address and basic profile information and gives us two options ‘Deny’ and ‘Allow’. Once we press the ‘Allow ‘ option we navigate to a page where we can change our BlueStacks profile name.

Step 4- Search for the vMEyeCloud app and install it

We need to search for the vMEyeCloud app using the BlueStacks search tool, located at the top of the screen. Type in the vMEyeCloud in the search bar . It may so happen that BlueStacks may not be able to find the vMEyeCloud app in its own server and may display the ‘No Results’ message. Then we need to click on “Search Play for vMEyeCloud” button to open the Google Play Store.


Google Play Store will open up in a new page where vMEyeCloud will already be there on the search bar with a list of apps relevant to the app name vMEyeCloud . Once we find the vMEyeCloud app, we click on it and install it just like we do in Google play store using our android phones. Once we click install, vMEyeCloud app will ask permission to access Photos, Videos, cameras etc. Once we accept, the installation starts.

Step 5 – Run the vMEyeCloud app on the PC

We can start the vMEyeCloud app from the Google Play Store screen by clicking on the “Open” button, or we can start the app from the BlueStacks icon on the desktop.

The procedure for installation of vMEyeCloud for Mac is very similar to vMEyeCloud for Windows you just have to download the BlueStacks setup file for Mac OS.

Download gCMOB for PC – Windows 7,8,10 & Mac

download-gcmob-pc-windows-7810-macFor that time when you need your eyes in places you cannot be, gCMOB is the ultimate android surveillance app that will allow you to stream a live feed from IP Cameras, Video Door Phones, NVRs, and DVR with CP Plus. The app even puts you in control of the feed you are receiving and managing this footage by shifting and directing the camera to areas that would require much more focus.

This can easily be done from the main window where you will have two options: enter into camera mode and receive live feed or use the door phone to view the footage. To view the footage, there are many options from which to choose, such as splitting the screen into different sections.

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In case you choose to add a device from which to view the video, the menu at the
top-left contains a “Live Preview” window in which you find the “Device Manager” that gives you a number of options on the devices you can connect to your camera.

Downloading gCMOB for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS)

To download the gCMOB app using one of the options available, gCMOB for PC, gCMOB for Mac or gCMOB for Windows depending on your device, you will need an Android emulator such as BlueStacks. BlueStacks makes applications run more smoothly than they would on their own. The BlueStacks app is free and can be got from the BlueStacks website where it’s available for both Mac and PC. The installation process may cause the app to take a while to start.


However, ensure that you are running at least Windows Vista or an updated OS to
prevent hangs and glitches. In addition, your device should have a minimum 2GB RAM.

Once this is done, search for the gCMOB app using the BlueStacks search tool at the top of your screen.

In case the app is not available on the BlueStacks server, click the “Search Play for gCMOB”, which will direct you to the Google Play Store. Click “Download” on the gCMOB app and install once the download is completed.

Your app is now ready for use. If you want to check out similar apps such as gCMOB you can visit our Apps for PC category.

SuperLivePro for PC – Windows 7/8/10/Mac – Free Download

superlivepro-pc-free-downloadSuperLivePro is valuable software that can be used for surveillance of CCTV cameras. This mobile application is one of the most popular live video surveillance tools and it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

We from OnlineTechSoft think that it’s a software that every person thinking of home security should try out. Its internet supported and you can see your CCTV footages wherever you are.

Procedure for Downloading of SuperLivePro for PC

  1. As a rule of thumb, you will first be required to download BlueStacks emulator for your Windows PC or Mac PC.
  2. Visit the official BlueStacks page. You will see a tab written “DOWNLOAD BLUESTACKS” Click on it to download the file setup.exe.
  3. Once the file has been downloaded, open it and start the installation.

Running SuperLivePro on your Mac or Windows PC

Phase two of the procedure is now to download our software of concern. Here is the procedure:

    • With the BlueStacks Screen open, Click on the Search icon Key in SuperLivePro in the search space and hit the Enter button
    • A list of app icons will be shown on the screen, select the one written SuperLivePro. In most instances, it will be the top left App on the list.


  • Once you are taken to the SuperLivePro page click the Install tab. The App will automatically be downloaded and be installed on your Mac and/or Windows
  • During the Installation process, SuperLivePro will ask for your permission to access system information. Select Accept to grand its permission.

Alternative Method for Installing SuperLivePro on your PC

Alternatively, you can start by downloading the SuperLivePro APK first. With this method here is the procedure which you have to follow:

  • Download SuperLivePro on your PC/Mac/Windows
  • Then download the BlueStacks setup and install it on your computer
  • Go back to your Super Live Pro APK download
  • Double click on it. The Super Live Pro APK will be automatically installed by BlueStacks software.
  • You can then open BlueStacks, search for SuperLivePro in it and click on it to open and use the software.

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Download Azar for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac


Numerous apps are available on Google Play and App Store which can be easily installed on PC. Azar app is one of them and it allows you to socialize with people. BlueStacks is a type of emulator which allows the Android users to install mobile applications on their personal computers. Both offline and online versions of BlueStacks are available online.

The emulator can be downloaded from the official website of BlueStacks. In order to download the emulator your personal computer should have at least 4 GB of hard disk space and 4 GB RAM.

Azar for PC (Windows 7/8/10)


Once you have downloaded the emulator from the website install the emulator on your PC and follow the setup instructions.

After installing the BlueStacks emulator simply locate the location or path where the app has been installed. Open the BlueStacks emulator in a new window. The emulator will automatically redirect you to the home page or home screen.

Type the term “Azar” in the search bar of Google Play Store and select the Azar app from the results. Double click the Azar app, accept the app policies and conditions and begin the installation phase.

Once the app is installed on your PC, a short cut of the Azar app will be created on desktop. The Windows users can install Azar for Windows using these steps. BlueStacks emulator is available for all the versions of Windows including Windows Vista/7/8.1 and 10.

Azar for Mac OS X

The Azar for Mac can be installed using the above procedure. Mac users need to first download and install the BlueStacks emulator on their system.

Once the emulator is installed search for the app on the Play Store. Select the app from the results and double click on the Azar app to open it. Follow the installation instructions and the Azar app will be successfully installed on your Mac.

That’s all we hope you have enjoyed this tutorial about how to run Azar app on your computer. Make sure you follow us and keep reading our blog OnlineTechSoft for more new tech guides.

EZVlZ for PC – Windows 7,8,10 & Mac – Free Download

ezvlz-pc-windows-7810-mac-free-downloadDo you desire to all the things you can do with your Android phone on your desktop or laptop. Now you can stop wishing because BlueStacks emulator has just granted you your wish.

Okay don’t get too excited before you rush off to download the application EZVIZ for PC, EZVIZ for Windows, EZVlZ for Mac strongly recommends for you to first check out if your desktop or laptop has achieved the minimal requirements for you to run the application smoothly.

The minimal requirements are as follows:

1. The Operating system must be 32 bit only

2. You must be the administrator in your PC

3. Your Desktop or laptop must have 2 GB of ram or more

4. Your computers graphic drivers must be updated

Steps for downloading and installing EZVIZ for PC and Mac


If your computer has passed these requirements then you can proceed to the following link to start downloading BlueStacks ( http://www.bluestacks.com ). If you PC doesn’t pass the minimal requirements for it to run then you can decide to try your luck but am not promising any positive results. When in the site click download for the installer to begin downloading( might take a while its kind of a big package).

Once the download is complete proceed to the next step by clicking on the downloaded file for it to open. The installation process will begin automatically.

They will be several clicks to finish the installation.

Click “Next” to accept terms and conditions.

Advanced user can change default location if they wish to or you can just let your computer choose the location.

Not forgetting BlueStacks is known to work at it’s best when Application access and App communications are

Install button will appear click on it to finalize this process.

Once you have done that. Summarize it by clicking finish and the application will automatically open.

Know you can go crazy by playing android games on your PC, chatting in WhatApp, to keep it short just do all things android without the limitations of a small screen.

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