PixelLab Online Text Editor for PC – Free Download – Windows & Mac

pixellab-online-text-editor-for-pc-free-download-windows-macFounded in 2008, PixelLab is an award-winning studio known for its design and development applications. It’s an application that allows its users to conveniently add texts, images, effects, stickers to images.

The PixelLab App can be easily downloaded on Android and PC via Google store through various portals such as CNet, and Online Tech Soft.

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Find below the tutorial for PixelLab Download:

Step 1: Open Google and go to the Google Play store

Step 2: Search for PixelLab App or type PixelLab for PC on Google Play

Step 3: Click on the PixelLab App and press install

Step 4: Log in to your Google account, if you aren’t logged in already

Step 5: Once the app has downloaded successfully, start using it by adding an image and making edits (by following the steps mentioned below).

After the app is installed, you can start playing with the PixelLab online. Navigate through the various options available before you start creating and editing. PixelLab download is really easy to use as all the edit and modify options are located on the right-hand side of the main interface right where you can see and use them. Aside from the ones mentioned above some of the other things you can do with your PixelLab App are:

· Add simple text on images

· Add stickers on images

· Edit your text with advanced setting such as smaller or bolder text size, indents, color, and gradient

· 3D text creation and editing with different opacity and saturation as per your requirement

· Change color of every word and use Bold, Underline and Italics to make it more appealing and creative

· Remove background from images

PixelLab for PC is more of a fun application than a crucial one. Using the application is easy and interesting. Whether you install it on your Android phone or on your PC, the things you can do with it are endless. So, install it now and start experimenting.

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