ORG 2018 for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

org-2018-pc-windows-mac-free-downloadTo start with, ORG 2018 is a musical application which was basically developed for Android use alone. However, with the light of technological development, ORG 2018 can be made available for download for PC users.

With the fact that the application is only compatible with android phone, the question remains validly established that; How can it be compatible and installed for PC use?

To successfully do justice to the question above, thus, it is essential to highlight the steps or guide to take to download ORG 2018 for PC use.

Step by step guide on how to download ORG 2018 on PC

With the fact that ORG 2018 is ordinarily built for android use but PC users may still download and install it on their computer. The following steps will serve as the successful guide to be taken to actualize the plan.

Fundamentally, it must be noted that ORG 2018 for PC is for free but to use it on your PC; you need an emulator to download it.


Step 1: Download an Android emulator first, though you can opt for BlueStacks or Nox App player, all that is needed is to download one out of the many option available.

Step 2: After the successful download, install the Android emulator on your computer for Windows or Mac. Successfully, you have an Android device on your computer.

Step 3: Download ORG 2018 APP from a third party online site, saving it to a folder.

Step 4: After the successful download, there is need for the installed BlueStacks or Nox App player or Android emulator to effectively install the ORG 2018 app by browsing it out to install on your Android emulator or BlueStacks.

Note that, the ORG 2018 app can also be installed directly from Google Play store with the need to sign in your Google account.

Step 5: Finally, ORG 2018 for PC is already installed on your PC through the Android emulator. Now, you can directly run the app because your PC will act like a smartphone. However, since your PC does not support touchscreen, you need to use the Mouse or PC keyboard to play the piano or organ.

Download vMEyeSuper for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)

download-vmeyesuper-pc-windows-7-8-10-macIn this tutorial we from OnlineTechSoft will show you how to download and install vMEyeSuper for Windows and Mac using BlueStacks emulator. Make sure you follow all of our guiding steps for the correct installation of the program on your PC.

Now let us give you some information about this fantastic application. Thank you vMEyeSuper for Mac and Windows, you’ll be able to monitor more than one camera at the same time. The app is free and you only need to use DVR ports.

Steps to download VMEeSuper for PC or laptop with BlueStacks to monitor your home or workplace

Step 1: first of all, you’ll need to download BlueStacks, the first emulator that allows you to download Android applications, such as vMEyeSuper for Mac or Windows directly to your PC or laptop.

Click here to download it: https://www.bluestacks.coml/download.html

Step 2: Once BlueStacks is already on your computer, you click on it to open it and at the top of the page, exactly in the middle, you’ll find a blue line which is to search apps and from where vMEyeSuper for Windows and Mac can be downloaded. What you have to do it to type: vmeyesuper, with no capital letters and to press the enter key.


Step 3: A page with several options will display and to download the vMEyeSuper for PC you have to click on the first one (vMEyeSuper).

Step 4: A window with the information for vMEyeSuper for Windows and Mac will display. It contains the options of INSTALL, which is the green rectangle on the right you’ll have to click on.

Step 5: We’re almost finishing the downloading and installation of vMEyeSuper for PC and Mac; you now have
to click on the green rectangle that says ACCEPT from a window that will appear on the screen.

Step 6: Wait for some seconds until it is downloaded to your computer.

Step 7: Your vMEyeSuper for Mac and Windows is now ready to be used on your PC. A wide window with the options of UNINSTALL and OPEN is what you’re going to see.

Click on OPEN and you will be already using the application with all the benefits of monitoring and getting screenshots that it offers.

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XDV App for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac – Free Download

xdv-app-pc-windows-7-8-10-mac-free-downloadXDV is one of the best streaming video surveillance softwares for the iPhone and Android. It’s advanced features include several video modes – ordinary video, loop video, and timelapse video. XDV takes security for your photos and videos more seriously than any other video app. What if you realized that you can have the next generation

in video software on your desktop computer, too? With just eight simple steps,
you can enjoy the advanced features of XDV on the big screen of any Mac or PC.

Downloading XDV for Windows 7, 8, 9, 10 with BlueStacks Emulator

While there are plenty of emulators that will work just fine, BlueStacks is the tried and true emulator for installing Android apps on any Windows or Mac. With the following tutorial, you can enjoy XDV’s advanced camera modes and security features on your PC or Mac instantly.

Installing BlueStacks on your PC


BlueStacks is an Android emulator that allows you to play your favorite Android apps and games on the full screen of a PC or Mac. You can follow the link and download it here! Once BlueStacks is installed, follow the next steps to finish installing XDV:

Getting XDV for Windows or Mac:

1. Download, install and open BlueStacks App Player.

2. In Bluestacks, select All Apps > Settings > Manage Accounts > Google.

3. Log in to your Google account (this allows you to utilize the Play Store).

4. After your Google account is created or you’ve signed in, return to the home menu in BlueStacks.

5. Select the “Search” key located on the first row of the BlueStacks home menu.

6. Look for the search bar to type in “XDV” and use the “Search using Play Store”
button that shows under the search bar to find the XDV app.

7. When you’ve found the XDV app in the Play Store, install it! Once you’ve installed XDV, you can see it under the “All Apps” tab.

8. Use the “All Apps” tab to start up XDV. When the app launches, there will be an option to control the pop-ups.

You’re all set to run and enjoy XDV app on your computer!

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How to Install Torque Lite & Pro for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac

install-torque-lite-pro-pc-windows-7-8-10-macTorque is an application developed by a well-known Android developer Ian Hawkins. This application has the ability to diagnose a car engine and also directly monitor the engine’s control unit.

The app is linked to a sensor from which it retrieves all the information and displays it on an Android terminal screen.

This application is available in two versions. These include:

1. The Lite version – This is the free version.
2. The Pro version – You have to pay for this version in order to use it.

In this article, we will be focusing on how to install Torque Lite for PC. So, how do you install this wonderful application?

How to Download and Install Torque Light for PC

For you to be able to download and install either Torque Lite for Windows or Torque Lite for Mac, you will need to follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Download BlueStacks

BlueStacks is the best Android emulator that you can use on your computer. Since Torque Lite is developed for use in an Android environment, BlueStacks allows you to create this environment on your PC. You can easily download it from their official website.

Step #2: Install BlueStacks

After you have successfully downloaded BlueStacks, you will need to install the application on your PC. To do this, run the setup file.

Step #3: Open BlueStacks App Player


After installing Bluestacks successfully, you should have its icon on your PC. Open the application by double-clicking on its icon.

Step #4: Go to “My Apps”

After you have opened BlueStacks, you will need to go to “My Apps” and select Google play store.

Step #5: Open Google Play Store

Torque Lite can only be downloaded from Google Play Store. On opening Google Play Store, you will need to sign in using your Gmail address.

Step #6: Search for Torque Lite

After signing in, you will get access to the full Play Store Dashboard. On the search bar, type “Torque Lite” and hit enter on your keyboard.

Step #7: Install the App

Torque Lite is free. This means that you don’t need to pay anything to install it. The only thing that you need to do is to select the right app from the results page and click on the install button.

Step #8: Open Your App

Once the installation process is complete, you will need to go to “My Apps” again. Here, you will need to find Torque Lite. Click on the app to open it.

You have successfully installed Torque Lite for PC. Now, you can start monitoring your car performance without any hustles.

Download Armorfly Browser for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac

download-armorfly-browser-pc-windows-7-8-10-macArmorfly is a web browser with over 50,000 active users. Its key features include being a secure browser that protects your data with many other benefits such as Adblock, malicious prevention, you can also download videos from many supported websites. it also helps speed up browsing by using inbuilt preloading mechanism that loads web pages faster.

Armorfly Browser for Windows and Mac

This article will help you install Armorfly on your PC with 3 easy steps using BlueStacks Android emulator. It is recommended that you have a decent PC as BlueStacks will eat up a lot of resources possibly making your PC lag a bit. Having a fast PC will greatly increase the performance of BlueStacks on your PC.

BlueStacks emulates an Android which means it can have almost same functionality as most Android phones without being able to call and being portable of course.

1. Download BlueStacks

First, visit to download BlueStacks choose your OS (Windows or Mac). it might take a while depending on your internet connection.
after the download is done click on the downloaded file and install BlueStacks. installing BlueStacks will take about 15 minutes or less depending on your system.

2. Open and Run BlueStacks


After downloading and installing BlueStacks you then need to login with your Gmail account to get access to the Google Play Store to install Armorfly Browser.

3. Set up BlueStacks and Install Armorfly Browser

Once you have logged in and have access to the play store you can simply search the store for Armorfly Browser and simply click install and BlueStacks will install Armorfly Browser on your computer.

After installation just click on Armorfly logo and it will load and voila you now have Armorfly.

Do take note that you will need to launch BlueStacks every time you need to run Armorfly Browser on your PC. You can also play your favourite games and all other social networking apps on BlueStacks.

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Puffin Web Browser for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac – Free Download

puffin-web-browser-pc-windows-7-8-10-mac-free-downloadPuffin Web Browser is an internet browser for the PC with an incredible and outstanding speedy web browser. The principal and central feature of Puffin Web Browser for Windows is the speed, which means you can easily watch and play games in a flash without having any problem and directly from your PC browser tab.

It’s a system of tabs with the option to automatically block pop-ups, and it includes a mouse, keyboards, and virtual game giving you the power of playing different games in a flash. All you need is to press the various corresponding buttons, and you swiftly activate the tabs in the screen lower parts.

How to download Puffin Web Browser for Windows and Puffin Web Browser for Mac

• To start the download, you need to use an Android Emulator known as BlueStacks, which also requires downloading. To download BlueStacks, you need to follow the next step.

• Tap into the provided link and click on download to start downloading the executable file to your PC or Mac.

• After downloading the exe file. Click on the files and run it on your machine, this will lead to the installation process starting, and during the process, you will get few instructions, follow them to the latter.

• Later the installation copies the BlueStacks Program files and the installation automatically gets finished, and its icon is visible on your machine.

Installation of Puffin Web Browser on the PC

puffin web browser pc

• Click on the Icon of BlueStacks app players.

• Type Puffin Web Browser on the BlueStacks address bar and then click on search.

• You will be automatically directed to Play Store and click on the Icon of Puffin Web Browser and install.

• The installation will take few minutes and once complete open and then proceed to use the browser.

Enjoy using the fastest surfing with the best browser Puffin Web Browser and its convertible with all Windows and Mac computers.

Download Aloha Browser for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac

download-aloha-browser-pc-windows-7-8-10-macMade by a team of dedicated expert, Aloha Browser app has gained popularity and has become one of the best browsers. It is now available for different operating systems including windows, mac and it can easily be installed in a PC.

Advantages of Aloha Browser app

The app is friendlier and of effective functionality, it ensures you connect to the internet with high level of privacy and in a secure manner. Aloha takes care of your security and privacy as it is considered the best among all other browsers. Rated with a five star by most of the users, Millions of user who have already tried it have not seen any form of disappointment.

The application is freely available and you can download and install using BlueStacks emulator with ease. It is made on a click and run mode and once you have it downloaded you install without the support of any expert.

Steps on How to Install Aloha Browser for PC

Here are the steps on how to download and install Aloha browser app on your PC. This could be your first time to use this application, don’t worry through the following steps you will enjoy. First of all ensure you have downloaded BlueStacks emulator and install it in your device of PC. You then set up the emulator with the right details to enable it connect to google services with ease. BlueStacks then takes over the process and you simply need to know the few steps and you will be good to go.


1. From the home view of BlueStacks search for My Apps then specify by name as Aloha Browser.
2. Click on the search button to enable you search for the application.
3. Then click on the application and click on install then accept the terms of service.
4. You can simply launch your browser and start using.

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